📊 About this template

Two “Tables view” are available, one for weight record, and one for calories tracker, each with it’ associated database, at the end of the page.

Another "Table View" is available to display only the current day of the "Calories tracker" database, so that it can be placed on another main page, for example, in a compact way so as not to forget!

This Template creates a weekly entry in the "Weekly record" database every Sunday automatically using Notion's Template function, and allows users to enter their weekly weight information.

In the “Weekly record” database, the metabolic rate is calculated with the male calculation by default, and is automaticaly calculated with the data you enter in weight, age and size.

Similarly, every day an entry is created in the "Calories tracker" database to enter daily calorie data.

The entry is pre created with a metabolic rate, so you have to change it every now and then with the new value as it change with time!

In the “Calories trakcer” database, the report is calculated by adding and substracting the calories datas. A checkbox is present to tell if you are in a deficit or in a excess of calories for the day.

Two tabs are available for each "Table View", one displaying only the current week and the other displaying everything.

ℹ️ Notes about calorie counting and CICO

The principle of "calories in, calories out" (or CICO) is a commonly used method for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It involves monitoring the number of calories consumed and expended. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, the calories consumed must be equivalent to the calories expended. If more calories are consumed than expended, weight increases. If more calories are expended than consumed, weight decreases.

The following formula is important for calculating the number of calories needed each day, which is based on weight, height, gender, and age.

A deficit is marked by the number of calories expended being greater than the number of calories consumed, and each cumulative deficit of 7700 calories theoretically allows for the loss of 1 kg of fat.

In practice, for a person with a default expenditure of about 2000 calories, if the daily calorie intake is 1800 calories, the deficit for the day is equal to 200 calories, excluding any higher-than-usual activity, and thus naturally allows for weight loss.

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